We use files all the time. They come and go on our social networks, emails and many other scenarios where are necessaries. Right now as I write this article I am using a file for this.

This is a common feature and knowing how to implement it will open up more possibilities. In this article I want to show you how you can implement an app that uploads files.

Here we will upload photos. We will do something similar to Nubank (one of the most famous fintechs here in Brazil)

So let’s upload files!!

Step 0 — Before we start

For that to happen, we will…

Sending emails is a common feature that is present in many applications. This feature is used to notify user about news, like a newsletter, about your product status when it's facing to an issue, recovery password and so on.

To send emails you will need an application to create the emails and call the SMTP server to send, which is what we will do here using NodeJS and an SMTP server, which we will not do here.

But don’t worry, we have a great and powerful solution to use as your SMTP server. Stay with me and let’s go together!

Step 1: The SMTP server

Periodic activities are common in our lives. We all have those things that we have to do every day. Be it mowing the lawn once a week, going to the gym every day, whatever. This type of activity is part of our lives.

Applications that we use on a daily basis also need to adapt to this and we as software engineers must keep in mind that at some point we will need to implement something like this.

So, the purpose of this article is show how you can do that. In this post we'll create a Google Cloud Function…

I recently had to migrate data from Cloud Firestore between Firebase accounts and projects. I really enjoyed the experience and decided to share with you how to do this process that involves dump and restore the data.

It is worth mentioning that this content will also be very useful in managing backups. Since Firestore does not provide an automated backup on the Console. But calm this can be done via Google Cloud Function, however this is a subject for another post.

Just one more detail. To do these operations, the project must have a defined billing account linked to the…

When I was starting my programming journey, I read a book called “Head First — PHP & MySQL”. This book has changed my mind and my life in many ways.

One of the many things I learned in this book was to upload files with PHP and I was amazed by it. I was really ready to create my own social network (who never).

But I wanted more. I had learned PHP, but I wanted a little more asynchrony. I wish I could do what PHP did, but without having that refresh that always bothered me.

After a while I…

Showing some information to the user is an awesome idea and for that is most common that we use dialogs. In Flutter, this amazing UI Toolkit, we have some ways to build Dialogs.

In this post I’ll show you how to create dialogues using the AlertDialog widget. We’ll build a Rating Dialog that return the rate.

Step 1: Preparing your project

First of all you’ll create a flutter project using the command

flutter create rating_dialog

As you already know the above command will create a Flutter project inside a folder named rating_dialog.

Let's structure our project. Inside of lib folder we'll create a folder named…

Developing authetication systems to our applications is a very recurring task, specially if your app generate some type of personalized information. Like a ToDo app, where task data is unique information to each user in the app.

In many applications like the one mentioned above, the user needs to make a prior registration, so yes, they have an account, but today we live practically on the internet, many people have accounts on social networks, so why not take advantage of a registration that has already been done? …

The most popular post I have so far is about sending email with Cloud Functions for Firebase and Nodemailer. This is due to the high popularity of this tool.

This popularity is more than fair given the great power that Firebase offers in application development. But a major difficulty that existed were the tests. In this post that was cited for example, whenever we were to test something we had to deploy the function and only then send a request to test.

When there was an integration with Cloud Firestore then that would get more complicated. But behold, the gods…

For some time now Google has only recommended deploying with the Android App Bundle (.aab) rather than the traditional mode with an APK file.

I recently started a miniseries on my YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/youtube-edigleyssonsilva) where I show how to build an Ionic app for the Android platform.

In the first video an user tell me about Play Store and Android App Bundle. Fortunately, talking about the Android App Bundle was already in my plans. So besides the videos were also produced an ebook and this post.

So come with me and I’ll show you how you can generate your Ionic…

If you have ever used Github Pages, you know that it is very simple (and fast) to put a website online (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t be scared. Read the post and learn here). In the first tests I did, everything worked perfectly, it was beautiful!

But recently when I hosted a SPA and I noticed a small problem with the application routes. After a little research I was able to find a viable solution.

Today I share this solution, showing how you can host your Single Page Application, whether in Angular, ReactJS or VueJS, without…

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Fullstack developer with expertise in web and mobile development with Flutter, Firebase, Ionic, PHP, C#, JS and Python. Now I’m trying to learn Erlang/Elixir :D

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